About Us

Terminus1525 is a collaborative workspace on the web and on the street. It’s brought to life by the ingenuity and imagination of young Canadian artists working in a wide range of disciplines. terminus1525.ca’s free online studios let artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers (and everything in between) mingle, show their work, and find support, feedback, and inspiration from and ever-growing audience.

November 28, 2005 marks the re-launch of terminus1525.ca. This year we will introduce you to a slew of fresh new Canadian artists in our feature interviews. There’s a lot to look forward to over the coming months; a mail-in art series that will culminate in a special online exhibit, shows “on the ground” in cities across Canada, plus new website functionality. As always, terminus1525 continues to support community initiatives through co-sponsorship of local events. We are everywhere!

How We Got Here — Launched in 2003, terminus1525 featured four national producers, located in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal and St. John’s, who held a series of offline art and culture events in communities nation-wide. Aimed at young emerging artists, the workshops, concerts, installations, and exhibits broadened their experiences of art and fostered collaborations between peers and with established artists.

Spring 2004 inaugurated the second phase of terminus1525, which emphasized online community building. Membership grew while artist features, interviews and new exhibits flourished on the site.

terminus1525 strives to foster an open and supportive environment for the creative aspirations of culturally, linguistically and geographically diverse Canadians.