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What Is VAO?


Visual Arts Ontario is a non-profit organization that addresses the interests of artists of all career levels, as well as arts organizations and the art-interested public. VAO provides a wide range of programs and services including workshops, self-help guides, and on-line training. Programs cover such topics as portfolio presentation, exhibition management, marketing strategies, and business skills for the small business operator.…

Why Homeowners Hire an Interior Design Firm to Decorate their Homes


It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to want to change the look of their home. After living in a home for several years or more, the owner may want a fresh new look that they can enjoy. While some owners may have a good eye for making new changes themselves, others may need additional help if they want the home to look its best. Fortunately, with the help of professionals from Calgary interior design firms, homeowners can take advantage of their special expertise. Since the help that they give is based on a number of different factors, they are known for using specific techniques and strategies in the home to give it a special distinct and unique look. So, for those of you who are interested in why many homeowners hire an interior designer to make changes in their homes versus doing it themselves, here’s a couple of reasons why.


Professional Staff Knows How to Make Good Use of Small Spaces

Sometimes a homeowner may like to decorate their bathroom or their kitchen areas with a new fresh look. However, they may have a difficult time trying to get the new scheme or design incorporated in the room because there is not a lot of space available to make it into what the family really wants. However, when calgary interior design firms gets started with their changes, they are trained and skilled in completely transforming small rooms into those that the owner is pleased with. This is because professionals in the interior design world knows what types of techniques to use in order to enhance the looks of a small space so that it will look much bigger than it really is.


Makes It Personal

Another great benefit to hiring an Interior design specialists to these types of jobs is that they know how to work with the owner to make it personal. Because each homeowner has their own taste and preferences, the job of these professionals is to create a great customized look that fits the needs and requirements of the homeowner.



While some people may decide to make interior design changes in their home themselves, others may prefer help from a professional firm who has the best skills for designing and implementing it. Some of the most notable advantages to hiring one of these representatives include a professional touch that maximizes the small spaces and making it personal so that it suits the individual homeowner.




Fauna, in Roman mythology, is a fertility and earth goddess. It is also the Roman god Faunus, and the related forest spirits called Fauns. In the exhibition “Found Fauna”, it is the collection of unheard-of species created by the artist: human with bird’s head, bird with human hand and the face of a man with tentacles sprouting out from his nostrils.

It may be relevant to compare Erik Jerezano’s drawings to the sumi-e paintings from the viewpoint of the tools he uses: ink, pen and brush. While the majority of sumi-e paintings denote their subject matters in real, but more poetically stances, Jerezano’s work has never had that Neutrality that many sumi-e paintings have. In fact his work possesses the kind of wildness and edginess that most sumi-e painters would refrain from.

Since the beginning, Erik Jerezano’s world is freaky, but fresh. The viewers could not take their eyes off the work because it is the Neverland where the most weirdest things can happen. “There is nothing to support a cry of protestation, for the distance between reality and Erik Jerezano’s world is too far apart. Therefore, he can twist and turn his characters; put them into wicked relationships with each other and it all comes back to invention.” wrote Julie Oakes, one of the artist’s advocates.

Erik Jerezano was born in Mexico City in 1973. He is a self-taught artist who arrived to Toronto in 2001. Since then he has exhibited his work in numerous galleries. In 2005, he was awarded a Toronto Arts Council Emerging Artist grant and his work was selected by the Drawing Center Viewing program in New York.

In the past, he was involved in community arts projects in Mexico City, where he collaborated on outdoor murals. In 2004, he and two other artists created Z’otz* Collective (Nahum Flores, Erik Jerezano, Ilyana Martinez). The artists meet weekly to collaborate on multi-media works that include drawing, painting, collage, portable sculpture and the written word.…

School For Young Shamans


University of Toronto artist-in-residence AA Bronson has worked alone since his partners in General Idea both died of AIDS in the 1990s. But he is never really alone. As an artist, mentor, and healer, he remains a collaborator. Performance has been his primary medium since the 1990s, specifically as a self-described healer: a role that involves both playacting – attuned to the “sham” in shaman – and real laying on of hands. For his recent exhibition in New York, he collaborated with artists of various generations to produce AA Bronson’s School for Young Shamans.

AA BRONSON performing Butt Massage Demonstration May 12, 2004, showing the installation AA BRONSON*BUTT SPA, 2004. The performance was formatted as a “demonstration” of the artist’s infamous Butt Massage, but included texts relating to the body and trauma, the artist’s experience during five weeks in bed from a herniated disc, various reflections on healing and being healed, and the anus as a site of shame.